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Onboard minicam and
Special cameras

Mark has been involved with the design and fitting of onboard camera systems since 1987 when the first live onboards were used for F1 and Motorcycle GP racing. We have fitted cameras to a whole range of racing cars and motorcycles, aircraft, powerboats, jockeys, cricket stumps, cycling, ref cam and in many other environments.

Cameras have now come on a long way, smaller and higher quality, but still require engineering knowledge and experience to get optimum results.

Our range of camera systems are suitable for both recorded and live applications, plus we are able to design and build systems in house to suit more specific requirements.

Covert surveillance kits are available and can be installed into various hides such as ruck sacks, hand bags, hats or even a shirt button. Again these can be tailor made to suit your requirements.

Marks expertise was even called upon by Richard Nobel for the Thrust SSC Land Speed record of which we are official sponsors and are proud to be associated with.

Thrust SSC.jpg
Thrust SSC
Mark Sallaway onboard cameras for Lotus F1 1987
F1  Lotus 1987
Live onboard jockey camera - Harness racing
Live Jockey cam
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